Gamification- Changing Business, Marketing, and Life in General

Publication: Mashable

Title: Gamification: How Competition Is Reinventing Business, Marketing & Everyday Life

Article by: Jennifer Van Grove

Gamification is defined as applying gameplay mechanics to non-game situations.  It also suggests using game thinking and applying it to to solve everyday problems and engage potential audiences.

Today’s youth mandates a more engaging experience, he argues. “Gamification is required to bring those things into balance, and to make things engaging enough so people will pay attention to them and stay focused on them for a longer period of time.”

The gamification trend is particularly hot in today’s world because, should we follow this line of thinking, younger entrepreneurs are building applications and services for younger audiences who demand these features.

In addition to speaking about the trend of gamification with Millenials, the article also goes into detail about the mechanics of gamification which include points, badges, levels, leaderboards and challenges.

Another interesting aspect the article talks about is the application of gaming to everyday things like fitness and health.


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