Damon Albarn- DRC Music Project

Publication: Mashable

Title: Gorillaz Frontman Streams Quirky New Songs From Congo

Article by: Zachary Sniderman



Gorillaz (and Blur) frontman Damon Albarn has taken a trip to the Congo with some of his producer friends to make an album for charity.  The project is called DRC Music and they have just released three songs and an album preview video.  Their site, http://drc-music.tumblr.com/, has been posting videos, audio clips, and photos.  It’s inspiring to see Alburn and his team working with local musicians and communicating mainly through music.  While creataing this music they are also calling attention to the issues the DRC is facing.

Alburn and his team are working with Oxfam to create the album and all proceeds from the album’s sale will go to support Oxfam’s work in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In the photos and postings on the group’s website you can really see the connection Alburn and his team have made with the local musicians and how they’ve taken care to pay respect to local tradition.  The tracks that were released (listen here: http://mashable.com/2011/08/30/drc-music-songs-congo/) feature local artists and local music from DRC.


How Gen-Y Reacts to Brands on Social Networking Sites

Publication: eMarketer

Title: How Younger Adults React to Brands on Social Networks

Article by: eMarketer



This eMarketer article cites the “American Millennials” survey, which reports that more than 50% of millennials (consumers age 16-34) “liked checking out brands on social media sites.”  Comparatively, about one third of older adults check out brands via social media.

The survey also had a few more interesting pieces of information.  For one, millenials tend to like brands more if they utilize social media platforms.  However, about 30% of millennials found it “annoying” that brands were on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

According to the survey, about one quarter of millennials (23.5%) interacted with a brand’s Facebook content at least once a day, as opposed to 17% of older adults.

It seems that with platforms like Facebook, brands can potentially attract millennials, and establish and maintain interactions, but they have to be careful not to “annoy” them.

The Number of Branded Tumblr Sites Grows, Especially in Fashion

Publication: AdAge

Title: Which Marketers Should (and Shouldn’t) Tap Social-Media Darling Tumblr: As Brands’ Presence Grows, Blogging Platform Finds Sweet Spot in Fashion, Media

Article by: Cotton Delo



There has been an increase in the use of Tumblr, a blogging platform, among marketers who feel that its format is conducive to their strongly visual manner of connecting with consumers.  For instance, fashion labels- from McQueen to J.Crew- have Tumblr accounts that post pictures or snippets from upcoming lines, or outtakes from recent photo shoots.  This allows Tumblr users to easily reblog what their favorite brands are posting and it makes the connection between brand and individual seem more personal.

“Brands’ fashion bent seem to match up with the platform’s user base. According to Tumblr Media Evangelist Mark Coatney (yes, that’s a real title), about 20% of approximately 40 million daily posts (about half of which contain photos) on more than 27 million Tumblr blogs are concerned with fashion in some sense, whether it’s bloggers documenting street fashion or opining on trends. Tumblr also has a full-time community manager who works exclusively with the fashion community.”

At 4 years old, Tumblr is still a relatively young platform, and it hosts no ads.  In the article, Jane Deery, president of PGR Media (who works with brands like Kate Spade and Juicy Couture), notes that for brands there’s no clear revenue gain on Tumblr, but she believes there will be more done to account for viral activity on branded Tumblr accounts.

Overall, fashion brands and lifestyle brands (such as the Standard Hotel, which is mentioned in the article) can benefit a great deal from Tumblr.  Its visual oriented platform and large only community of non-branded bloggers allows brands to make an more personal connection with consumers.  The article suggests that brands who don’t have highly visual methods of connecting with their audience should consider other platforms.

2011 VMA’s: Most-Watched MTV Telecast to Date

Publication: AdAge

Title: Video Music Awards Bring Record Audience to MTV, Record Posts to Twitter: Beyonce Shows Off Pregnancy and Delivers ‘Record Bump’ for Twitter

Article by: Andrew Hampp


This past Sunday’s MTV VMAs was a record-setter in more ways than one.  It was “the most-watched MTV telecast ever” and it broke a Twitter record with 8,868 tweets per second when Beyonce performed “Love on Top,” showed off her pregnant belly, and the camera panned to happy father-to-be Jay-Z.

Consequently, marketers who sponsored the event also scored big; including, Verizon, Wrigley’s 5 Gum, Lionsgate (showed the trailer for “The Hunger Games”), Cover Girl, Dover Go Fresh deodorant, Kia Motors America, PacSun, Sharpie, State Farm and Taco Bell.

Yellow Tail Wine: “The go-to”

Publication: The New York Times

Title: Campaign Spotlight| A Wine Brand Creates a New Theme to Help Spur Growth

Article by: Stuart Elliot



In the new campaign for Yellow Tail wine, the brand conveys the message that their wine is perfect for everyday, more casual events.  Their tag-line reflects that theme by stating Yellow Tail is “The go-to.”

Yellow Tail is really attempting to echo what its consumers have said about their wine. According to the article, people in focus groups have said that Yellow Tail is a “safe choice”, “quality I can rely on” and “a brand I feel good about buying.”

More recently Yellow Tail has faced competition from rivals who have been dubbed “critter wines.”  Brands like Little Penguin and Monkey Bay have mimicked Yellow Tail’s design and brand identity.

The campaign will have radio, print, online/social media and television components.

Beta for iTunes Match Released to Developers

Publication: Mashable

Title: iTunes Match Beta Launches for Developers

Article by: Ben Parr



iTunes released the beta version of iTunes Match to developers.  iTunes Match is Apple’s service for moving your music to iCloud.  iTunes Match will scan an individual’s music and find duplicates of the songs in iCloud.  The music can be played or streamed via iTunes.

Apple’s iCloud program will compete with streaming music companies like Spotify.  Ben Parr notes, “Apple’s strong relationship with the labels gives it a distinct advantage though as it prepares to push iCloud to the masses.”


Buyer Beware: Hulu May Be Morphing into a Network

Publication: Adweek

Title: Hulu Buyer May Be Getting a Network, Not a Video Platform: Original programs may replace hit shows

Article by: D.M. Levine



Hulu and its network partners, ABC, NBC and Fox, have had rocky relationships since Hulu first launched in 2008.  Now, as Hulu prepares to itself for initial sale bids, the relationships are becoming increasingly strained.  Last week Fox put up a paywall, meaning you have to be a dish or Hulu subscriber to access Fox shows, and if you are not a subscriber you have to wait 8 days to access new episodes of your show for free.  Other networks are expected to follow suit.

In reaction to this, Hulu (as well as other online video servers) has begun to focus it’s attention on more original content programming.  Last week, Hulu debuted “a six-episode season of a new original documentary series by Morgan Spurlock called A Day in the Life.”

Hulu is trying to distance itself from depending solely on licensed content because the business model is unpredictable, especially when networks are beginning to button up about releasing their content for free.

With Hulu and other providers introducing original content, as Mr. Levine is pointing out, who ever is shopping around to buy Hulu, should be ready and prepared to buy a network, not just a video/content streaming platform.