How Companies Can Use Social Media to Improve Internal Communication, Collaboration and Compensation

Publication: Fast Company

Title: Using Social Media To Improve Employee Communication, Collaboration, And Even Compensation

Article by: FC Expert Blogger Shawn Graham


Shopify is an Ottawa-based e-commerce group that developed an internal social media platform, UNICORN, through which employees can share information on the interesting things- projects and otherwise-they’re doing.    To increase participation, Shopify decided to set aside a portion of its profits as a “cash bonus” to whoever contributed an idea that they liked.  Employees quickly became more engaged and the company saw a major improvement in communication.

Collaboration efforts also increased.  For instance, one team would post that they needed help editing a project.  Other employees, who were previously not know to have an editing skills set, responded and were able to complete the task.

The system grew to become a tool used in performance reviews because within UNICORN you can track employee performance and accomplishments.  Taking a page from the game theory, employees can also earn “experience points” that can be used towards “buying” cool add-ons for their avatar (accessories, mustaches, etc).

By using social media as an internal tool, Shopify has built a really great company culture and the company has reported little turnover.  Overall, UNICORN has helped employees really enjoy their work experience and work environment.


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