Augmented Reality to Replace the QR Code?

Publication: Fast Company

Title: Augmented Reality Kills The QR Code Star

Article  by: Kit Eaton


Augmented reality (AR) company Layar recently completed a major update to its system by “installing a real-world object recognition protocol that’s a little like Google’s Goggles.”  This is a huge breakthrough in the way people find information with their mobile devices.  It will most definitely be a useful tool for advertisers as well.

The idea of Layar Vision is that you hold your iPhone (which is equipped with Layar vision app) up to something in real life and you get a lot of data and options to explore the data.  Kit Eaton explains:

“What if you could hold your AR-enabled iPhone up to something in real life that you just came across–say the cover of Fast Company magazine–and get an overlay of data about it, perhaps an option to click to this webpage or a special offer of subscriptions?  That’s something Maarten Lens-Fitzgerald, founder of Layar, suggested to us is one of the most powerful exploits of the new tech.”

The idea of scanning a real life object is the main idea behind the black and white square QR codes that are seen on everything from movie posters to restaurant windows to magazine ads.  AR is sort of like the next step from that platform.  A lot still has to be worked out with AR, but it seems like an exciting new direction.


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