Havana Club Promotes the Mojito with “Pop-Up” Mint Gardens in UK

Publication: Harpers

Title: Havana Club launches ‘mintfields experience’ to promote Cuban Mojito

Article by: Carol Emmas



Havana Club and “UK guerrilla gardener, Richard Reynolds”  have joined forces to begin “pop up urban mint gardens” in various UK cities to promote the Cuban Mojito.  The mint gardens were put together using Havana Club crates and other recycled products to display how fresh mint is key in creating an authentic Cuban Mojito.

Individuals who visit one of these gardens will get a free mint seed packet that has the mojito recipe and a list of local bars where the drink is being served printed on it.

According to the article the head of marketing at Pernod Ricard UK Patrick Venning said in a statement:

“The Mintfields experience educates consumers about Havana Club and its authentic Cuban heritage and why they should only use genuine premium ingredients, such as fresh mint, when making an authentic Cuban Mojito cocktail at home, or when ordering it in a bar.”



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