The New and Changing Retail Experience

Publication: ClickZ

Title: The Evolving Retail Experience

Article by: FD Funderburke


In this article FK Funderburke  explores the new and changing retail experience.  He makes note of some new “rules” that retailers should be taking advantage of, including: 1. multichannel platforms- meaning, the retail experience is not linear anymore.  Information is available to consumers through a number of different digital platforms. 2. “the power of touch”- refers to how retail advertising is becoming increasingly interactive.  There are touch screen mobile devices, in-store/out-of-store interactive digital displays and digital signage. 3. QR Codes- and other “tag” technology allows for a more personalized brand interaction.

Overall, FK Funderburke’s main point is that with mobile technology becoming increasingly popular and available, retailers need to focus on creating a interactive brand experience for their consumers.  They need to engage their consumers in a personalized way, and the way to achieve that individual consumer-brand dialogue is through social media and mobile technology.


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