W Hotels Hires a Fashion Director

Publication: The Wall Street Journal

Title: Putting the Hot Back in Hotel

Article by: Christina Binkley



In an effort to attract trendsetters into their hotels, W hotels has named Jenné Lombardo as “fashion director” for their hotels.  While this “fashion director” post isn’t common in hotels, it’s a smart move because Ms. Lombardo’s job will really be about making fashionable connections for the hotel.

Ms. Lombardo will be reaching out and creating relationships with up-and-coming designers, who are already creating buzz, and coordinating events with the designers at various W Hotel locations.  This relationship will allow the W Hotels to attract the chic demographic they’re hoping to reach and it will allow the designers to show their work in locations where they may not have a store front or an outlet to reach certain audiences.  This sort of partnership has the potential to work equally well for both designers and the W hotels.



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