The Effects of Nostalgia and Branding

Publication: Fast Company

Title: Bottling The Past: Using Nostalgia To Connect With Customers

Article by: Martin Lindstrom


Martin Lindstrom explores the continuing effectiveness in bringing the concept of nostalgia to brands.  He cites an experience he had at a bar with Hendrick’s Gin.  He saw a group of people drinking it, and upon further investigation found out that it was manufactured in limited quantities and it is distilled in rare and older stills.  Interestingly he also discovers,

“Contrary to its vintage appearance, the first bottle only reaching its targeted drinking establishments in 1999. Everything about Hendrick’s is staged by a team who train bartenders in the rituals of serving, as well as attracting an exclusive patronage of those who fit the values and aspirations of the product. “

Mr. Lindstrom’s point is that even if a brand isn’t “vintage”, giving it an air of nostalgia will encourage people to gather, with your brand,  for the purpose of sharing and spending time and vistiting (or revisiting) together.  People seem to want to revisit the past, because in hindsight, things often seem to have been simpler “back then.”


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