Buyer Beware: Hulu May Be Morphing into a Network

Publication: Adweek

Title: Hulu Buyer May Be Getting a Network, Not a Video Platform: Original programs may replace hit shows

Article by: D.M. Levine


Hulu and its network partners, ABC, NBC and Fox, have had rocky relationships since Hulu first launched in 2008.  Now, as Hulu prepares to itself for initial sale bids, the relationships are becoming increasingly strained.  Last week Fox put up a paywall, meaning you have to be a dish or Hulu subscriber to access Fox shows, and if you are not a subscriber you have to wait 8 days to access new episodes of your show for free.  Other networks are expected to follow suit.

In reaction to this, Hulu (as well as other online video servers) has begun to focus it’s attention on more original content programming.  Last week, Hulu debuted “a six-episode season of a new original documentary series by Morgan Spurlock called A Day in the Life.”

Hulu is trying to distance itself from depending solely on licensed content because the business model is unpredictable, especially when networks are beginning to button up about releasing their content for free.

With Hulu and other providers introducing original content, as Mr. Levine is pointing out, who ever is shopping around to buy Hulu, should be ready and prepared to buy a network, not just a video/content streaming platform.



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