How Gen-Y Reacts to Brands on Social Networking Sites

Publication: eMarketer

Title: How Younger Adults React to Brands on Social Networks

Article by: eMarketer


This eMarketer article cites the “American Millennials” survey, which reports that more than 50% of millennials (consumers age 16-34) “liked checking out brands on social media sites.”  Comparatively, about one third of older adults check out brands via social media.

The survey also had a few more interesting pieces of information.  For one, millenials tend to like brands more if they utilize social media platforms.  However, about 30% of millennials found it “annoying” that brands were on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

According to the survey, about one quarter of millennials (23.5%) interacted with a brand’s Facebook content at least once a day, as opposed to 17% of older adults.

It seems that with platforms like Facebook, brands can potentially attract millennials, and establish and maintain interactions, but they have to be careful not to “annoy” them.


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