The Number of Branded Tumblr Sites Grows, Especially in Fashion

Publication: AdAge

Title: Which Marketers Should (and Shouldn’t) Tap Social-Media Darling Tumblr: As Brands’ Presence Grows, Blogging Platform Finds Sweet Spot in Fashion, Media

Article by: Cotton Delo


There has been an increase in the use of Tumblr, a blogging platform, among marketers who feel that its format is conducive to their strongly visual manner of connecting with consumers.  For instance, fashion labels- from McQueen to J.Crew- have Tumblr accounts that post pictures or snippets from upcoming lines, or outtakes from recent photo shoots.  This allows Tumblr users to easily reblog what their favorite brands are posting and it makes the connection between brand and individual seem more personal.

“Brands’ fashion bent seem to match up with the platform’s user base. According to Tumblr Media Evangelist Mark Coatney (yes, that’s a real title), about 20% of approximately 40 million daily posts (about half of which contain photos) on more than 27 million Tumblr blogs are concerned with fashion in some sense, whether it’s bloggers documenting street fashion or opining on trends. Tumblr also has a full-time community manager who works exclusively with the fashion community.”

At 4 years old, Tumblr is still a relatively young platform, and it hosts no ads.  In the article, Jane Deery, president of PGR Media (who works with brands like Kate Spade and Juicy Couture), notes that for brands there’s no clear revenue gain on Tumblr, but she believes there will be more done to account for viral activity on branded Tumblr accounts.

Overall, fashion brands and lifestyle brands (such as the Standard Hotel, which is mentioned in the article) can benefit a great deal from Tumblr.  Its visual oriented platform and large only community of non-branded bloggers allows brands to make an more personal connection with consumers.  The article suggests that brands who don’t have highly visual methods of connecting with their audience should consider other platforms.


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