Estee Lauder Companies: Extensive Use of Social Media

Publication: Mashable

Title: How Cosmetics Giant Estee Lauder Leverages Social Media on a Global Scale

Article by: Lauren Indvik


This article is an interview with Dennis McEniry, President, Online, Estee Lauder Companies.  He explains how Estee Lauder brands are leveraging social media to grow their brand presence and make meaningful connections to their consumers.

McEniry notes that, generally, digital media is one of the first things to be utilized in a woman’s search for beauty information.  He states, “Women looking for beauty information is always in the top five searches on Google or YouTube.”  More specifically, social media is a big factor in how beauty consumers trade information about products because they are heavily influenced by their friends’ opinions.  This is extremely useful to the companies making the products because they can get very reliable feedback and insights very quickly.

McEniry also comments on the importance of a strategy that is “brand-led, locally communicated” and cites the Estee Lauder brand in the Chinese market as an example.  He’s saying your message can be universal, but needs to be tailored and communicated to reflect the local culture in which it’s being promoted.

Another interesting point McEniry makes is that across their advertising portfolio digital and television are the most important.  Digital is important because of the dialogue created between the company and the consumer.  Television is still important because they can reach a large number of consumers at once.

Lastly, he thinks that the biggest trend for his company to watch is the mobile trend.  More and more people are buying smartphones and using their mobiles to get product information at stores just before a potential sale is made.


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