Lil Wayne Sets New iTunes Sales Record

Publication: Mashable

Title:  Lil Wayne Sets iTunes Sales Record

Article by: Christina Warren


Lil Wayne’s new album, The Carter IV, broke the iTunes sales records- with reportedly 348,000 digital albums sold in four days.  According to Nielsen Soundscan 964,000 records were sold the first week it was released.  More than one third of those were digital sales in the first four days of the release, which makes a stronger case for the iTunes model of selling music digitally.

After Lil Wayne’s performance at the VMA’s, his hit song became available on iTunes and jumped to the top spot instantly.  According to Mashable:

“The Deluxe Edition, which contains more tracks and retails for $14.99 on iTunes, $3.99 more than the standard edition, accounted for 95% of digital sales and 70% of physical sales. In the age of Spotify and $0.99 album release sales, it’s rare that a $15 special edition can move so many copies.”



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