Retailers Hope for the Best This Holiday Season

Publication: The New York Times

Title: Retailers Summon Optimism as They Enter a Critical Season

Article by: Stuart Elliot



Retailers are facing some anxiety (to say the least) as the holiday shopping season approaches.  However, that hasn’t stopped most from cutting back on advertising in an effort to win over customers.  Stuart Elliot notes that the September issue of Real Simple Magazine has advertisements from about a dozen retailers.   The focus of his article however is on Uniqlo’s advertising campaign, which is estimated to be operating on a $10-$15 million budget.  The advertisments encourage customers to visit their two new stores in Midtown.

Mr. Elliot states:

“To demonstrate the “all” in the campaign’s theme, representing that Uniqlo can be “worn by anyone,” Mr. Odake (chief executive of Uniqlo USA) said, “no matter what age, gender, race, income,” the ads present a wide variety of New Yorkers — well-known, somewhat known and unknown — modeling Uniqlo clothing.”

Uniqlo is hoping to be viewed as a “social brand” that is accessible and hip.  And, like everyone else, they’re hoping their advertising pays off this holiday season.


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