QR Codes are Everywhere

Publication: The New York Times

Title: Want More Information? Just Scan Me

Article by: Stephanie Rosenbloom



During Fashion week in New York this year, QR codes were everywhere.  They were on cookies give out by Tiffany, which revealed an invitation to a concert with Leighton Meester when scanned.  They appeared on postcards for a “fashion hunt” with the Madison Avenue Business Improvement District.

A company called Skanz has started to sell bracelets that have QR codes on them.  When someone with a smartphone scans the bracelet, they’ll be taken to a webpage with your contact info, social media info, and any photos or videos to which the code has been linked.

According to the Times,

“When Skanz doled out bracelets to attendees of Consumer Electronics Week this summer, “nobody exchanged business cards,” said Tammy Lewis, chief marketing officer of the Tarrytown, N.Y., based QR Media Group, which owns Skanz. “Instead they were scanning each other to exchange their personal information.”

She noted that this is also handy when meeting prospective dates in bars. After all, why scrawl your number on a napkin or tap it into a stranger’s phone when all you have to do is lean in and whisper, “Scan me.””

QR codes are being used in all industries from Fashion to Television to Museums.


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