Jägermeister Hires Mistress

Publication: The New York Times

Title: Popular Liqueur Hires Ad Agency for U.S. Market

Article by: Stuart Elliot



Jägermeister will be hiring advertising agency Mistress to work on the Jager brand in the US.

Mistress is small firm in LA and has done work for brands such as ESPN, part of Walt Disney, Hot Wheels (Mattel), and Red Bull.

Industry insiders predict the budget for the ads will be significant and ads will appear in the US market next year.

Until now, Sidney Frank Importing Company in New Rochelle has built Jägermeister polpularity through extensive promotional efforts by “brand ambassadors” referred to as Jagerettes and Jager Dudes.  These ambassadors have more or less been the reason why Jager has become “the No.1 imported cordial among American drinkers.”
According to the New York Times:

“Mistress will serve as agency of record for Jägermeister. Sidney Frank Importing will continue to work with an agency named Hi-Res/Syzygy for digital advertising. Other initiatives are handled internally by the importing company.”


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