What Facebook’s New Features Will Mean for Marketers

Publication: Adage

Title: New Timeline Won’t Apply, but Brand Pages Will Be ‘Consistent’ With Look

Article by: Kunur Patel


At Facebook’s F8 conference this year, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled a number of changes in design and tools to the Facebook user profiles.

Once new feature to the profile page is the Timeline, which changes the list of status messages and comments into a “scrapbook” of the user’s history.  This feature doesn’t apply to brands and their pages.

At the moment, we’re not sure what the brand pages will look like once they’re updated, but as reported by AdaAge:

“according to Facebook VP-Global Marketing Solutions David Fischer, will be “consistent” with the Timeline look-and-feel, which is picture-heavy and curated to highlight only the most important events in a user’s life.”

The new Timeline feature will have significant implications for entertainment marketers.  Gokul Rajaram, Facebook Ads director of product management states:

“Marketers want to promote stories about the things they’re affiliated with but don’t always own the apps,” [referring to apps from services such as Spotify, Netflix or Hulu that allow users to share what content they’re consuming] “Now you can promote stories from any app about objects you own, not just from the page owned by the marketer.”

As Facebook use increases, and more user data is captured, ad revenue is certain to increase.  Subsequently, all content users are consuming and posting about through the new media apps-  ” will become a filter to serve ads against.”  Currently, this  novel approach to target ad sales will only be accessible through the Facebook ad team.


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