Companies Change Their Electronic Devices Policy

Publication: The New York Times

Title: More Offices Let Workers Choose Their Own Devices

Article by: Verne G. Kopytoff


Some corporations are starting to ease up on their electronic devices policy.

From a management standpoint, the hope is that the more comfortable and familiar workers are with their mobile devices, the more productive they will be.  As the New York Times reports, the corporate tech market is sort of being turned on it’s head as this trend progresses.

“The phenomenon is upending the corporate market, which has traditionally hinged on electronics makers cultivating tight relationships with I.T. departments. Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Research in Motion, maker of the BlackBerry, have long dominated the workplace, but Apple and its consumer-friendly blockbusters — the iPhone, iPad and MacBook — have made major inroads.”

Of course the major concern is still security.  There are some industries, such as banking, where this policy is just too loose to work.  And from an IT standpoint, that means IT departments need to be able to service all kinds of devices.

Some companies have taken to giving employees stipends for laptops or mobile devices, and if the employee wants something that costs more than their stipend, than that means they’ll have to pay out of pocket.  If employees are allowed to use devices they already have for work purposes, that may also mean that they will have to take their device to be repaired on a weekend, on their own time.

Either way, it seems that companies will have to be more flexible as more employees insist on working with a particular brand or device.  But at the same time, employees will have to comply with paying for some servicing or expensing (if they’re using the device for personal reasons as well).


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