Neiman Marcus to Host Scavenger Hunt via Foursquare

Publication: Mashable

Title: Neiman Marcus to Give Away Clutches via Foursquare Hunt

Article by: Lauren Indvik

High-end retailer Neiman Marcus is hosting a Foursquare challenge on Saturday that ties in with its annual shoe and handbag event this weekend.

Neiman Marcus is hiding 15 Nancy Gonzalez clutches at 15 of its stores.  When shoppers check in to Neiman Marcus they’ll see a message that tells them if they’re in the vicinity of the clutch, and if they are, where to search for it.  The first people to find the clutches get to keep them.

Although scavenger hunt mobile hunts are not new to the retail world, Neiman Marcus smartly decided to host an event that drives people into their retail stores, so even if they don’t win, perhaps they’ll stick around and shop.

If shoppers turn out and use Foursquare for this event, there will likely be more scavenger hunt events in the future.


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