YouTube Announces Channel Strategy

Publication: Adweek

Title: YouTube Announces Channels: Video site will feel a little more like cable TV

Article by: D.M. Levine


YouTube has formally announced their long-awaited channel strategy.  YouTube is expanding its channel lineup to include new offerings from a number of partners, including “well-known personalities and brands in the Hollywood, music, news, and sports worlds.”

According to Adweek:

“Under the new system, content creators—like Vice Media or the video game lifestyle network Machinima, for example—will have a dedicated channel on the site that they will control, continually updating it with video content. YouTube, for its part, will sell ads against that video inventory.”

YouTube will be organizing its site the way cable providers organize their channels.  YouTube’s global head of content partnerships Robert Kyncl explains that, “Today, the Web is bringing us entertainment from an even wider range of talented producers, and many of the defining channels of the next are being born, and watched, on YouTube.”

YouTube is hoping that they will be able to get people to spend less time watching television and more time watching content on YouTube.


Why Artists Like Coldplay Aren’t Bringing New Albums to Spotify

Publication: Mashable

Title: Why Coldplay and Adele Aren’t Bringing New Albums to Spotify

Article by: Lauren Indvik


Coldplay has decided that it’s latest album, Mylo Xyloto, will not be available on Spotify or any other streaming music service– just yet.  Fans will need to buy the physical CD or mp3 downloads from e-music stores like iTunes.

There is a lot of speculation surrounding this decision.  Some think Coldplay wants their audience to hear the album as “one cohesive work” (even though you can buy the singles on iTunes).  Some think it’s more financially motivated.  Mashable reports,

“Recording artists only make about three-tenths of a cent every time one of their songs is streamed, and 20 cents for every song sold on iTunes, according to estimates published in Rolling Stone.”

So it would make sense, financially, for Coldplay to hold off making their music available for free, especially since they have a very strong fanbase.  Coldplay aren’t the only ones who have made the decision to not partner with music streaming services.  Adele’s lastest album, 21, for instance, is not available on Spotfiy.  Her older album, 19, is.

It will be interesting to see if this trend plays out for less established artists, who aren’t necessarily guaranteed huge sales.  My guess is that less established/less popular artists are more focused on trying to get their music out there, in which case, services like Spotify can really help.

Absolut Celebrates 30 Years of Marketing to Gay Community

Publication: The New York Times

Title: Absolut Celebrates Its 30 Years of Marketing to Gay Consumers

Article by: Stuart Elliot 


The Swedish vodka brand Absolut, is launching a campaign to mark its 30th year of the brand’s efforts to reach the American L.G.B.T. community.  According to The New York Times, Absolut began running ads in 1981 in two magazines for gay men- The Advocate and After Dark.

Thirty years ago this type of marketing was very rare for such a mainstream product.  Absolut followed its advertising efforts with events, donations, charities, outdoor advertising, and most recently, sponsorship of the Logo cable channel’s “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

The Times reports:

“The yearlong Absolut anniversary campaign carries the theme “Absolut Outrageous” — the letters “Out” are in pink — and includes this phrase: “Celebrating 30 years of going out and coming out.” The budget is estimated at more than $4 million.”

Pernod Ricard USA, TBWA/Chiat/Day NY, SPI Marketing, and photographer David LaChapelle collaborated on the print ad.  The ad will appear in publications such as The Advocate, Instinct and Out- as well as two general-market magazines- Vanity Fair and Vogue. Click to see.

Sale of Jim Beam to Pernod or Diageo Predicted

Publication: Bloomberg Businessweek

Title: Jim Beam Inviting Biggest Liquor Takeover Since 2005: Real M&A

Article by: Devin Banerjee and Duane D. Stanford

Bloomberg News reports that Jim Beam could be sold to Pernod-Ricard SA or Diageo Plc.  If this prediction is correct, it would be the biggest spirits acquisition in six years.

The liquor company Beam Inc. formed as a result of the breakup of Fortune Brands Inc. this year.  If Beam Inc. was to be taken over, it would be worth approximately $59 a share.

According to Bloomberg News:

“With bourbon sales outpacing vodka in the U.S. as drinking at home increases, Beam’s command of a third of the domestic market with Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark may lure Pernod, Europe’s second-biggest distiller, or Diageo, the world’s largest spirits company, said Davenport & Co. and Goldman Sachs.”

YouTube Streams Coldplay Concert

Publication: Mashable

Title: Coldplay Live Streams Free Concert on YouTube

Article by: Zachary Sniderman

On Wednesday October 26, Coldplay streamed a live concert on YouTube via the American Express Unstaged performance series.  The concert was physically held in Madrid and American Express rented out four large screens in Times Square to broadcast the concert- with audio too!

If you watched online, you could have viewed the concert from different cameras- director’s cut, main stage, and aerial view were options.  There was also a live chat held on YouTube.
YouTube had also used this format earlier this year at Coachella.  It seems that both events were very successful, so I’d expect more of the same in the future.

New Livestream

Publication: Mashable

Title: Livestream Reinvents Itself, Becomes the “New Livestream”

Article by: Zachary Sniderman

Livestream is relaunching its brand under the new name “New Livestream.”  It will essentially be building on its current model by adding social and multimedia tools.  Livestream users- both viewers and hosts- will be able to stream the event and add real-time elements such as photos, messages and media clips.

According to Mashable, the player will have “adaptive video quality,” meaning, the videostream will be automatically scaled depending on a user’s internet connection and computer speed.  Hopefully, this will result in less skipping/pauses/crashing.

New Livestream is currently in the beta phase of development, and expects to be fully up and running  for free and premium users by April 2012.

New Guidelines for Spirits Advertising (US and Europe)


Title: New regulations for alcohol advertising online

Article by: Rebecca Prescott


The advertising of spirits through social media- namely blogs, networking sites, apps, and sites that run on user-generated content- will be the focus of new regulations and guidelines in the US and Europe.

With the rapid growth of social media use across all ages, the European Forum for Responsible Drinking (EFRD) and the Disilled Spirits Council of the US (DISCUS) are introducing new guidelines to ensure responsible spirits advertising in digital media.


According to


“The guidelines state that spirits marketers will:

  • Restrict access to official brand pages for users under 18 years old on social networking sites. When such registration does not exist, age affirmation mechanisms will be used prior to direct interaction with a consumer.
  • On channels not controlled by spirits marketers, only place advertising if the audience data shows more than 70% of viewers are above 18 years old.
  • Monitor brand pages on social networking sites to remove inappropriate user-​generated content within 48 hours.
  • Display clear privacy policies that ensure compliance with data protection and privacy rules and provide for a speedy unsubscribe process in direct marketing.
  • Include responsible drinking messages, preferably in the form of a consumer information website address in digital marketing communications, wherever practicable.”