ABC News + Yahoo News Form Partnership

Publication: The New York Times

Title: ABC News and Yahoo News Announce Deal to Share Content

Article by: Brian Stelter


ABC News and Yahoo News have announced that they are forming a partnership to share news stories and Web video series.

ABC News describes the partnership, which entails Yahoo News and ABC News traffic to be reported together, similar to the way that AOL and the Huffington Post traffic is reported together, as a “game changer.”

Both the ABC News site and the Yahoo News site will operate independently with regards to editorials, but they will share content and co-produce some coverage.

This is good news for both organizations: ABC News has reported little Web traffic, compared with other outlets, and Yahoo news has “has more unique visitors than any other news Web site,” and on the other hand, The New York Times reports that “Despite its huge online news audience, Yahoo has been struggling with stagnant advertising revenues, and last month fired its chief executive, Carol A. Bartz. The alliance with ABC will bring Yahoo’s news site brand-name stars like Diane Sawyer and Katie Couric.”

The New York Times also reports that this new partnership will involve the production of original shows for Yahoo News, which is smart move considering that more and more people look to the Web for video content.


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