CW Shows to Stream on Netflix

Publication: The New York Times

Title: Deal With Time Warner Brings The CW to Netflix

Article by: Amy Chozick

Time Warner and the CW have struck a deal with Netflix to license some television content.  More specifically, Warner Bros. Television Group and CBS Corporation signed a four-year $1 billion agreement that will allow Netflix to stream shows that air on the CW network as soon as Oct. 15.

This deal has been an about-face for Time Warner CEO Jeffrey L. Bewkes, who had initially given online-streaming services such as Netflix the cold shoulder.  However, over the course of this past year, Bewkes composed guidelines for “monetizing content” via subscription streaming services.

According to the Times:

“That strategy included not separating the rights to TV shows so that the same show could be sold into syndication on a traditional TV network and, then, at a diminished rate, to an online subscription service.”

Since the CW’s programming is targeted at the 18-34 demographic, it makes sense that they would begin looking into partnering with online streaming services, since younger audiences tend to prefer to watch TV on laptops and other mobile devices.


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