Jay-Z and Kanye Sued Over “Watch The Throne” Sample

Publication: MTV.com

Title: Jay-Z, Kanye West Sued Over Watch The Throne Sample: Soul legend Syl Johnson claims duo used 1967 hit without permission.

Article by: Gil Kaufman



Jay-Z and Kanye are reportedly being sued by soul and blues icon Syl Johnson because they sampled his song “Different Strokes” (1967) on the “ Watch The Throne ” song “The Joy” without permission or giving credit.

This allegation first arose in August when Numero Uno Group (which was “erroneously credited as the song’s publisher on the “ Watch The Throne ””) threatened legal action on behalf of Syl Johnson.

The lawsuit gets interesting because Johnson claims that Kanye tried to sample the song on his “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” album but wasn’t able to get clearance for its use in time.  So, now Johnson claims “West’s decision to use the sample on another album without permission is an example of “knowing” and “willful” misappropriation.”


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