New Guidelines for Spirits Advertising (US and Europe)


Title: New regulations for alcohol advertising online

Article by: Rebecca Prescott


The advertising of spirits through social media- namely blogs, networking sites, apps, and sites that run on user-generated content- will be the focus of new regulations and guidelines in the US and Europe.

With the rapid growth of social media use across all ages, the European Forum for Responsible Drinking (EFRD) and the Disilled Spirits Council of the US (DISCUS) are introducing new guidelines to ensure responsible spirits advertising in digital media.


According to


“The guidelines state that spirits marketers will:

  • Restrict access to official brand pages for users under 18 years old on social networking sites. When such registration does not exist, age affirmation mechanisms will be used prior to direct interaction with a consumer.
  • On channels not controlled by spirits marketers, only place advertising if the audience data shows more than 70% of viewers are above 18 years old.
  • Monitor brand pages on social networking sites to remove inappropriate user-​generated content within 48 hours.
  • Display clear privacy policies that ensure compliance with data protection and privacy rules and provide for a speedy unsubscribe process in direct marketing.
  • Include responsible drinking messages, preferably in the form of a consumer information website address in digital marketing communications, wherever practicable.”

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