ESPN Mobile

Publication: Mashable

Title: ESPN: A Mobile Example to Emulate

Article by ClickZ


Click Z explores how ESPN’s approach to mobile is the way to go.  The quality across mobile sites, apps, and notifications is consistent and if you compare the information across devices, it shows that the design is well thought out and a great offering for their users.

“If you compare on a tablet and smartphone, you’ll see an excellent example of responsive design, created in HTML5. As Ethan Marcotte explains in this great article, “Fluid grids, flexible images, and media queries are the three technical ingredients for responsive web design, but it also requires a different way of thinking. Rather than quarantining our content into disparate, device-specific experiences, we can use media queries to progressively enhance our work within different viewing contexts.” ESPN representatives echoed this concept, stating that they “follow the content, not the device.””

The ESPN mobile and tablet sites also link to the full site, which offers more content, incase readers didn’t find what they wanted on their other devices.

ESPN also registers users once-whether on mobile or the web- and will recognize this no matter what platform you use.  The author notes that this is a great feature because you can collect subscriber information more accurately, which is useful to advertisers.


Spotify to Announce “New Direction” on November 30

Publication: Mashable

Title: Spotify Hints at ‘New Direction’

Article by: Samantha Murphy


On Wednesday November 30th, Spotify will be holding it’s first US Press event.  Invitations went out a week ago and indicate that the company has “exciting new” to share.

The call for a press event is happening at a time when Spotify is facing competitive pressure- especially from the free Google Music Service, “which allows users to upload, share and browse songs, and then listen to them on the go via cloud storage on Android devices.”  In addition, there is growing concern over the streaming aspect of the Spotify business.  Many labels and publishers have pulled out of various other streaming services, because it reportedly hurt record sales.

“At Spotify, we continually strive to innovate and deliver exciting new experiences for our users,” Spotify said in an email statement to Mashable. “In New York on November 30th, we are holding our first press conference to unveil the latest major development from Spotify – and a new direction for the company.”

The press event on November 30 will explore what’s on the horizon for Spotfiy.  The event will be broadcasted online.   Speculation points to the possible announcement of a Spotify music store.

Ashton Kutcher Lets PR Team Manage @Aplusk

Publication: Adage

Title: After Penn State Flub, Ashton Kutcher Will Let PR Team Manage Twitter Account: Picked the Wrong Week to Get Indignant Over Paterno’s Firing

Article by: Ken Wheaton


Ashton Kutcher has announced that he will no longer manage his Twitter account, @Aplusk, after he tweeted : “How do you fire Jo Pa? #insult #noclass as a hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste.”  Alledgedly he tweeted this before he had full knowledge of the situation at Penn State. He announced his account will be managed by his team at Katalyst, so that the quality of the content may be reviewed before it’s published.

Adage sites that:

“Gawker, among others, picked up the story, calling his silence “the only good thing to come out of the Penn State scandal” and pointing out that “standing up for Paterno, who barely blinked when he learned his underling was a potential child predator back in 2002, is at odds with Ashton’s … crusade against child sex slavery.””

This secondary management seems to be an increasing trend among celebrity tweeters.  Although, it seems a little against the spirit of Twitter- which is sort of supposed to be about personal, impulsive updates.  On the other hand, celebrities are really more “brands” now and not “personalities.”  Plus, celebrity PR managers must feel better about having their clients tweets censored a little before they’re published.

YouTube Announces Channel Strategy

Publication: Adweek

Title: YouTube Announces Channels: Video site will feel a little more like cable TV

Article by: D.M. Levine


YouTube has formally announced their long-awaited channel strategy.  YouTube is expanding its channel lineup to include new offerings from a number of partners, including “well-known personalities and brands in the Hollywood, music, news, and sports worlds.”

According to Adweek:

“Under the new system, content creators—like Vice Media or the video game lifestyle network Machinima, for example—will have a dedicated channel on the site that they will control, continually updating it with video content. YouTube, for its part, will sell ads against that video inventory.”

YouTube will be organizing its site the way cable providers organize their channels.  YouTube’s global head of content partnerships Robert Kyncl explains that, “Today, the Web is bringing us entertainment from an even wider range of talented producers, and many of the defining channels of the next are being born, and watched, on YouTube.”

YouTube is hoping that they will be able to get people to spend less time watching television and more time watching content on YouTube.

Google Music Expected to Launch in November

Publication: Adweek

Title: Google Music Expected to Launch Next Month: Downloads service is ‘close’ says Android boss

Article by: Dan Walker Smith


Google is expected to launch Google Music next month.  The new service is likely to include both digital download and cloud storage components.

Andy Rubin, head of Android at Google, confirmed that the launch is close.  In differentiating between iTunes and the Google Music service Rubin said Google “will have a little twist…It will have a little Google in it. It won’t just be selling 99-cent tracks.”

The beta version of Google Music was launched earlier this year (invite-only) and allowed users to upload and stream up to 20,000 tracks on devices linked to Google.  The newer version will supposedly link an mp3 store to the cloud storage system, creating competition with Apple and Amazon services.

What remains to be seen is whether or not Google has been able to successfully partner with major record labels, as it is currently viewed as operating as a search engine company.  It seems their main obstacle will be convincing potential partners that they have the ability to function beyond their “search engine” status.

Conde Nast Announces New Entertainment Division

Publication: Mashable

Title: Conde Nast Makes a Foray Into Film and TV, Led by CW Founder

Article by: Lauren Indvik


On Monday, magazine publisher Conde Nast announced that it would diving in to the film and televsion business.  Dawn Ostroff will be president of the entertainment division at Conde Nast.  Ostroff is well known for her work with the CW where she developed Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, and America’s Next Top Model.

The entertainment division is still unclear about what they will set out to accomplish, however it is speculated that original programming across several media platforms is likely.
As Mashable notes:

“Entertainment is a logical next step for Conde Nast as the company looks to diversify its holdings beyond the print business. (Its licensed restaurant business is a prime example.) Besides Talley’s foray into reality TV, the company cooperated with the production of a documentary about Vogue titled The September Issue, which brought in more than $6 million in global box office sales in 2009.”

MTV O Music Awards: Steve Jobs Tribute + Turntable.FM Dance Party

Publication: Mashable

Title: MTV’s O Music Awards Will Include a Steve Jobs Tribute and a Turntable.FM Dance Party

Article by: Zachary Sniderman


On October 31, MTV is putting on it’s second O Music Awards show, which recognizes digital music achievements.  Some of the categories include Best Music Hack, Best Music Forum and Best Web-Born Artist.

This year the show will honor Steve Jobs because of his contributions to the digital music culture.

In the spirit of digital culture, MTV will also live-stream a Turntable.FM dance party:

“ will simultaneously live stream a Turntable.FM party to break the Guinness World Record for “Longest Dance Party.” The stream will start Oct. 29 and aim to break the 55-hour record. Beats will be provided by using Turntable.FM and a fan competition. “

In an effort to bring fan participation to a new level, fans can email the award show and request to DJ a part of the Turntable.FM dance party.

“We want to do what MTV does, which is make people famous; whether that’s writing about them on the site or blasting them out over our [networks],” Connolly says. “We really want to celebrate the turntable community.”

To raise awareness for anti-bulling campaigns, any donations from the live stream of the event will be given to the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN), the It Gets Better Project, the Gay Straight Alliance Network (GSA), Human Rights Campaign (HRC), Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and The Trevor Project.