MTV O Music Awards: Steve Jobs Tribute + Turntable.FM Dance Party

Publication: Mashable

Title: MTV’s O Music Awards Will Include a Steve Jobs Tribute and a Turntable.FM Dance Party

Article by: Zachary Sniderman


On October 31, MTV is putting on it’s second O Music Awards show, which recognizes digital music achievements.  Some of the categories include Best Music Hack, Best Music Forum and Best Web-Born Artist.

This year the show will honor Steve Jobs because of his contributions to the digital music culture.

In the spirit of digital culture, MTV will also live-stream a Turntable.FM dance party:

“ will simultaneously live stream a Turntable.FM party to break the Guinness World Record for “Longest Dance Party.” The stream will start Oct. 29 and aim to break the 55-hour record. Beats will be provided by using Turntable.FM and a fan competition. “

In an effort to bring fan participation to a new level, fans can email the award show and request to DJ a part of the Turntable.FM dance party.

“We want to do what MTV does, which is make people famous; whether that’s writing about them on the site or blasting them out over our [networks],” Connolly says. “We really want to celebrate the turntable community.”

To raise awareness for anti-bulling campaigns, any donations from the live stream of the event will be given to the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN), the It Gets Better Project, the Gay Straight Alliance Network (GSA), Human Rights Campaign (HRC), Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and The Trevor Project.


What Facebook’s New Features Will Mean for Marketers

Publication: Adage

Title: New Timeline Won’t Apply, but Brand Pages Will Be ‘Consistent’ With Look

Article by: Kunur Patel

At Facebook’s F8 conference this year, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled a number of changes in design and tools to the Facebook user profiles.

Once new feature to the profile page is the Timeline, which changes the list of status messages and comments into a “scrapbook” of the user’s history.  This feature doesn’t apply to brands and their pages.

At the moment, we’re not sure what the brand pages will look like once they’re updated, but as reported by AdaAge:

“according to Facebook VP-Global Marketing Solutions David Fischer, will be “consistent” with the Timeline look-and-feel, which is picture-heavy and curated to highlight only the most important events in a user’s life.”

The new Timeline feature will have significant implications for entertainment marketers.  Gokul Rajaram, Facebook Ads director of product management states:

“Marketers want to promote stories about the things they’re affiliated with but don’t always own the apps,” [referring to apps from services such as Spotify, Netflix or Hulu that allow users to share what content they’re consuming] “Now you can promote stories from any app about objects you own, not just from the page owned by the marketer.”

As Facebook use increases, and more user data is captured, ad revenue is certain to increase.  Subsequently, all content users are consuming and posting about through the new media apps-  ” will become a filter to serve ads against.”  Currently, this  novel approach to target ad sales will only be accessible through the Facebook ad team.

This is the Remix App

Publication: Mashable

Title: SPIN Launches Dance Remix App

Article by: Todd Olmstead


In the October issue of Spin magazine, which focuses on dance music, Spin announces that they’re collaborating with Shapemix to offer an “interactive remix iPhone app with some new tunes.”

According to Mashable, “SPINshapemix” is for the average iPhone user.  No musical ability is needed, and users are encouraged to take songs and make “on-the-fly remixes and mash-ups.”

Once you’ve finished your remix, you can share it with friends via Facebook, Twitter and email.

More info on the app and how it works can be seen on Mashable!

QR Codes are Everywhere

Publication: The New York Times

Title: Want More Information? Just Scan Me

Article by: Stephanie Rosenbloom


During Fashion week in New York this year, QR codes were everywhere.  They were on cookies give out by Tiffany, which revealed an invitation to a concert with Leighton Meester when scanned.  They appeared on postcards for a “fashion hunt” with the Madison Avenue Business Improvement District.

A company called Skanz has started to sell bracelets that have QR codes on them.  When someone with a smartphone scans the bracelet, they’ll be taken to a webpage with your contact info, social media info, and any photos or videos to which the code has been linked.

According to the Times,

“When Skanz doled out bracelets to attendees of Consumer Electronics Week this summer, “nobody exchanged business cards,” said Tammy Lewis, chief marketing officer of the Tarrytown, N.Y., based QR Media Group, which owns Skanz. “Instead they were scanning each other to exchange their personal information.”

She noted that this is also handy when meeting prospective dates in bars. After all, why scrawl your number on a napkin or tap it into a stranger’s phone when all you have to do is lean in and whisper, “Scan me.””

QR codes are being used in all industries from Fashion to Television to Museums.

Glam Media Picks up Ning

Publication: Mashable

Title: Glam Media Acquires Ning

Article by: Ben Parr


Glam Media has acquired Ning.  Glam Media, a media company with over 1500 “lifestyle websites and blogs that provide an  advertising platform for fashion-oriented brands (Wikipedia)” reportedly spent $200 million on the acquisition.

Ning operated as a platform that allowed users to create their own social networks.  Ning will now be under the umbrella of Glam Media.  Ning’s current CEO Jason Rosenthal will be the EVP of social media and general manager of Ning.  Ning co-founder Marc Andreessen will be on Glam Media’s Board of Directors.  He already is on the boards of Facebook, eBay and HP.

According to Mashable:

Glam Media says that it will use Ning to create the first “next generation media company in the post-social world” by leveraging Ning’s technology and content with Glam’s 2,500 publishers and massive advertising platforms. One of the company’s goals is to create social media brand campaigns that utilize Glam and Ning’s technology. Another is to infuse Ning’s technology into Glam’s existing products, including GlamAdapt, GlamCreate and GlamConnect.

Latest Changes from Facebook

Publication: Mashable

Title: Facebook’s Latest Changes: A Hands-On Look

Article by: Stephanie Buck


Yesterday Facebook users probably noticed some new features.  One of them is a “Top Stories” feed that, according to Facebook, “clues you into the most interesting stories,” and according to the Facebook blog, “News Feed will act more like your own personal newspaper. You won’t have to worry about missing important stuff.”

Another new feature is the Ticker, which in actuality, acts like Twitter on Facebook.  The Ticker is in real-time and updates more quickly than the News Feed.

Lastly, Facebook seems to have made some visual improvements to their site.

Facebook to Announce Media Streaming Platform

Publication: The New York Times

Title: Facebook to Offer Path to Media

Article by: Ben Sisario


This week at Facebook’s F8 developers’ conference in San Francisco they are expected to announce a media platform that will allow Facebook users to share music, television, and movies through their profile page.

Apparently, Facebook has made agreements with companies like Spotify, Rhapsody and others in which a user’s profile page can display the media they are streaming from the outside companies and the links will appear on the news feed or some tab so that users’ friends can see what content they’re listening to or watching.

The pricing and subscription costs seem unclear right now.  Some services that have a monthly subscriber fee will likely continue charging a fee but provide some sort of limited, free service.