Ashton Kutcher Lets PR Team Manage @Aplusk

Publication: Adage

Title: After Penn State Flub, Ashton Kutcher Will Let PR Team Manage Twitter Account: Picked the Wrong Week to Get Indignant Over Paterno’s Firing

Article by: Ken Wheaton


Ashton Kutcher has announced that he will no longer manage his Twitter account, @Aplusk, after he tweeted : “How do you fire Jo Pa? #insult #noclass as a hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste.”  Alledgedly he tweeted this before he had full knowledge of the situation at Penn State. He announced his account will be managed by his team at Katalyst, so that the quality of the content may be reviewed before it’s published.

Adage sites that:

“Gawker, among others, picked up the story, calling his silence “the only good thing to come out of the Penn State scandal” and pointing out that “standing up for Paterno, who barely blinked when he learned his underling was a potential child predator back in 2002, is at odds with Ashton’s … crusade against child sex slavery.””

This secondary management seems to be an increasing trend among celebrity tweeters.  Although, it seems a little against the spirit of Twitter- which is sort of supposed to be about personal, impulsive updates.  On the other hand, celebrities are really more “brands” now and not “personalities.”  Plus, celebrity PR managers must feel better about having their clients tweets censored a little before they’re published.


Kutcher Promotes Tech Investments on “Two and a Half Men”

Publication: Mashable

Title: Ashton Kutcher Promotes His Tech Investments on “Two and a Half Men”

Article by: Ben Parr

Ashton Kutcher has been an avid investor in many social media tech startups.  He’s also one of the most influencial celebrities on Twitter.  He’s now been using his new spot on “Two and a Half Men” to give some exposure to these companies.  On the last episode of the show, he had stickers all over the cover of his laptop from companies such as Foursquare, GroupMe, Hipmunk, Chegg and Flipboard.

It’s likely that these social media startups were hoping for this sort of mainstream exposure when they made deals with Kutcher.  However, it’s been reported that CBS didn’t like him promoting these companies for free.  They’ve responded that for future episodes these stickers will be obscured.