Whipped Cream and Fluffy Marshmallow- The Latest from Smirnoff Vodka

Publication: The Examiner

Title: Smirnoff gets fluffy with new flavors

Article by: William Dowd


Smirnoff is introducing two new sugary flavored vodkas- Whipped Cream and Fluffed Marshmallow.

According to Smirnoff’s PR team, these sacchariferous flavors epitomize “the decadent side of sweets.”

The flavors are intended to be sweet shots or and an ingredient in cocktails.


Madonna and Smirnoff Team up in New Social Media Campaign

Publication: Mashable

Title: Madonna Resurfaces in Smirnoff Social Media Promotion

Article by: Todd Wasserman



Smirnoff and Madonna are teaming up in a social media campaign that will help Madonna select a dancer for her next tour.  The goal of the promotion is to get 10 million people in 50 countries to share their “nightlife stories” through social media.

The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project, created by JWT, is asking fans all over the globe to share their stories on the brand’s Facebook Page. The campaign also includes an event on November 12 — 50 parties that will happen at the same time.

Madonna plans to attend one of these parties and back-up dancer hopefuls will compete in front of her. The winner may be chosen to join Madonna on the road as a dancer during her next tour.  Smirnoff is collecting video entries from dancers for the contest from August 17 through October 10.

Compared to other musicians and celebrities, Madonna has maintained a low profile in the social media realm.