Whipped Cream and Fluffy Marshmallow- The Latest from Smirnoff Vodka

Publication: The Examiner

Title: Smirnoff gets fluffy with new flavors

Article by: William Dowd


Smirnoff is introducing two new sugary flavored vodkas- Whipped Cream and Fluffed Marshmallow.

According to Smirnoff’s PR team, these sacchariferous flavors epitomize “the decadent side of sweets.”

The flavors are intended to be sweet shots or and an ingredient in cocktails.


Stolichnaya- Limited Edition Vodka Bottles

Publication: Dowd’s Spirits Notebook

Title: Spirited Art for the People

Article by: William Dowd



In collaboration with Russian artist Yuri Gorbachev, Russian brand vodka Stolichnaya is showcasing a series of limited edition vodka bottles at Gatwick and Heathrow airports in Britain.

Blackjack Promotions is helping the launch by bringing in specialty bartenders to make drinks for passengers.

According to Dowd’s Spirits Notebook, Gorbachev said the following about the design:

 “It incorporates the four elements — earth, air, water and fire — that join together to make Stoli one of the world’s most distinctive vodkas. Earth and water feed the grain, which gains strength from the clean air, while fire represents the passionate spirit of Stoli.”

Advertising Especially Important in Selling Vodka

Publication: Bloomberg

Title: Rapper Diddy, Dan Ackroyd’s Skull Help Hawk ‘Tasteless’ Vodkas

Article by: John Mariani


John Mariani explores how vodka is made- distilled from starch rich plants- and how important advertising campaigns are in selling the product, especially since it is a relatively neutral spirit.

He also mentions certain vodka drinks like James Bonds’ vodka martini and Carrie Bradshaw’s cosmopolitan, that have remained popular since their appearance in the movies.

The article sites a couple of celebrity-backed vodkas such as Crystal Head vodka, which is Dan Ackroyd’s company, and Ciroc Vodka, which has had very good sales since Sean Combs became spokesperson in 2007.